how to choose expanded mesh

1. The consist of Expanded mesh:

expanded metal mesh


2)LWD=Mesh length:customized                                 

3)SWD=Mesh width:customized

4)Expanded pattern: diamond,hexogan, also can be customized                               

5)Perforated area percent:7%-83%

2. Material & surface treatment of expanded mesh:

1) aluminium,mild steel,stainless steel

2)Surface: powder coating,hot galvanized,PVDF(the lift can be more than 20 years)

3.The usage of expanded mesh

walkway,decoration in interior wall,exterior wall and ceiling,platform,etc.

The walkway and platform usually use thick steel as material and surface with hot galvanized,because it have more standard on the load-bearing

The decoration expanded mesh usually use aluminium expanded mesh,because the aluminium expanded mesh has below advantage:

1)light(it is more safer use in building)


3)long life

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