Aluminum expanded mesh was widely used in decoration

The specification of expanded mesh:

expanded mesh

1. (SWD):The length of the diagonal of a short rhomboid hole
2. (LWD):The length of the diagonal of a long rhomboid hole
3. (Strand):The side of the plate mesh diamond hole, stem width is the length of the metal plate used to make a single stem
4. (Bond):The connection between the two stems
5. (Thickness):the thickness of the plate
6. expanded mesh coil: indicate specific lengths and widths
7. expanded mesh panel:indicate the width and length of the panle

8. Surface treatment: powder coated,hot dip galvanized,electric galvanized,anodic oxidation(aluminym plate),spray painting,etc

Why choose aluminum expanded mesh in building?

Aluminum expanded meshwas widely used in building,such as exterior & interior wall, ceiling,because it has the advantage:

1. beautiful

2. pervious to light

3. light weight

4. strong corrision resistance

5.morden fashion

6. durable

application of aluminium expanded mesh

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