Weijia Metal Mesh celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party

Time flies like arrows, time flies, and in a flash, the Chinese Communist Party has gone through 100 years of ups and downs. On the party’s 100th birthday,

the mood of each of us, apart from feeling, is more grateful.  

Weijia Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. welcomed the party's centennial journey and praised "My Motherland and Me",

which displayed the great banner of communism and ignited the spark of revolution on the land of Shenzhou.

From then on, the ideals of the descendants of Yan and Huang were unified, and there was a leader worthy of trust-the Communist Party of China.

In the long night, a dazzling star finally lit up. It illuminates the darkness before dawn and guides the way forward.  The red flag is fluttering,

the party flag is hunting, the motherland is thriving, the economy is booming, the people live and work in peace and contentment,

and the international status is unprecedentedly high. The Chinese people are full of joy and hope towards the grand goal of modernization.

The glorious history of a century has revealed an unchanging truth: The Communist Party of China is the mainstay of the times and the backbone of the Chinese nation.



The courage to make self-revolution is the most distinctive character of our party, and it is also our party's greatest advantage.

Looking at the long history of mankind, there has never been a political party that has always maintained the spirit of self-revolution,

maintained the courage to admit and correct its mistakes, took the scalpel again and again to get rid of its own illnesses,

and solved its own problems time and time again by itself. It is precisely because our party has the courage to carry out

self-revolution and continuously enhances the party’s ability to self-purify, self-improve, self-renovate, and self-improve,

thus forming the ability to rely on the party’s own strength to discover problems, correct deviations, promote innovation,

and achieve overall improvement in governance capabilities. Virtuous circle

Weijia Metal Mesh will learn from the party,enhances our ability to self-purify, self-improve, self-renovate, and self-improve.

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